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Utility prices are steadily increasing.

Lock in your energy rate today with solar.



how does solar energy work?

Residential Solar Energy for your home is more affordable and accessible than you might have heard.  The government is offering generous tax incentives for families who are considering making the change to solar energy for their home. 


Blackfoot Solar Solutions offers you $0-down financing so that you can start your project right away and begin saving automatically.  All of our products come with powerful product warranties to protect the longevity and success of your home solar system, all while you and your home reduce your carbon footprint.



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On an average across the nation, since 2003 electric utility costs have increased at about 4% year over year. 


By paying for solar, you lock in your same price or less of your current power bill and it stays consistent over the entire.

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Are Solar Panels Worth It?

The Truth About The Future Of Solar Energy:

MORE SOLAR will be installed in the United States in the next two years than the last 40+ years combined.

trees planted.png

192 trees

Average equivalent number of trees planted

co2 offset.png

5 tons

5 tons of C02 Offset

home value increase.png


Estimated Value Added To Your Home


solar energy 101


Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

The solar panel’s job is to take excess electron energy and turn it into electric power. Silver acts as the conductor to pass electricity on to an inverter.

Learn how to power
your home through solar

To get the clearest picture of what solar energy can do for you and your home, it's best to know the basic components and processes of the residential solar energy system.

There are 4 many components that make up the Solar Energy System for your home:

  • Photovoltaic Panels or PV Panels

  • Inverters

  • Main Service Panel

  • Utility Meter

To learn about each component, click on each slide for a detailed description.

Why choose blackfoot solar?

You'll find solar companies out there with all the RIGHT answers... but the truth is - there is a lot involved that can determine whether or not purchasing solar energy for your home makes sense.


Blackfoot Solar Solutions and their parent company, Blackfoot Roofing are located in Crawfordville, FL in Wakulla County.  Born and raised here, our staff knows the importance of making sure we take care of our clients and get them the best deals with the least amount of hassle.  You will not be caught off guard at any step in this process, and will know what to expect from us!

why blackfoot
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