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How Much for solar?


So you like the idea of going solar, but what are those solar panels going to cost you? The answer is not a one-size-fits-all type of deal.

The true cost of going solar for your situation is dependent on a few key factors that we’re about to go over.

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Energy Use

We will first determine the amount of energy your home needs to properly run off solar.

Electricity Cost

Next, we will determine your average yearly electric utility cost based on your consumption.


We will take a look at your home and determine the number of panels that you need for your system.


Once your permits and financing are approved, our experts come to install your new systsem.


Sunlight Exposure

One of the biggest factors for your system is how much direct sunlight exposure your home receives.  


Solar Incentives

We then plug all of these components into our calculator and determine your savings & incentives.

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